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Matt Shevitz- tenor and soprano saxophones; Josh Lava- piano; Kurt Schweitz- bass; Bob Parlier- drums

Recorded at the College of DuPage for live broadcasts for WDCB 90.9 FM

Mixed and mastered by Anthony Florez

Tracks 1 & 2- Matt Shevitz- tenor saxophone; Josh Lava- piano & keyboard; Kurt Schweitz- bass; Bob Parlier- drums

Tracks 3, 5, & 6- Matt Shevitz- tenor saxophone; Scott Hesse- guitar; Cory Biggerstaff- bass; Jon Deitemyer- drums

Tracks 4 & 7- Matt Shevitz- tenor saxophone; Kevin Kozol- piano

Recorded and mixed by Anthony Florez, Pi Studios

Produced by Anthony Florez

Mastered by Brian Schwab

For videos of my performing and teaching, please visit my YouTube channel.

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