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Since first arriving in Chicago almost twenty years ago, Matt Shevitz has been an in-demand musician in the jazz, blues, and popular music scenes. Throughout his music career he has performed alongside such internationally renowned jazz musicians as Dick Hyman, Ignacio Berroa, Howard Levy, Frank Capp, Randy Sandke, Ken Peplowski, Byron Stripling, and Frank Wess along with blues/roots rock guitarist Eric Lindell and Ropeadope Records artists Spare Parts. With these artists and others, Matt has performed at such festivals and clubs as the Jazz in the Park Festival (in Milwaukee, Wisconsin), the Waterfront Blues Festival (in Portland, Oregon), the Chicago Blues Festival, Lollapalooza, the Jazz Showcase, the House of Blues in Chicago, and as a featured artist for Oregon Festival of American Music (in Eugene, Oregon) and the Modlin Center for the Performing Arts (in Richmond, Virginia).

In addition to performing, Matt has been a regular contributor to DownBeat Magazine since 2009. He has published articles analyzing transcriptions of great jazz solos as well as jazz theory and effective practice habits. His articles have garnered the attention of musicians worldwide. 

Matt is currently a professor and the Director of Jazz Ensembles at the College of DuPage in Glen Ellyn, IL. He received a Doctor of Musical Arts in Jazz Performance degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2009, for which he did extensive research on the great jazz saxophonist Harold "Tina" Brooks. His other degrees consist of a Master of Music in Jazz Pedagogy from Northwestern University and a Bachelor of Science in Music from the University of Oregon.

Curriculum Vitae


Doctor of Musical Arts in Jazz Performance

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Urbana, Illinois, May 2009


Master of Music in Jazz Pedagogy

Northwestern University, Chicago, Illinois, June 2002


Bachelor of Science in Music

University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon, June 1999



Work Experience

August 2019- Present


College of DuPage, Music Program

Department Chairperson, June 2022 - Present

Associate Professor, August 2021 - Present

Assistant Professor, August 2019 - August 2021

Classes taught:

-DuPage Community Jazz Ensemble

-Small Group Jazz Ensemble

-Introduction to American Music

-Music Appreciation

-Aural Skills

-Music Theory

-World Music

Other duties performed:

-Coordination of concerts and the annual dance put on by the DuPage Community Jazz Ensemble

-Booking guest artists

-Reviewing scholarship applications

-Reviewing and building the jazz sheet music library

-Overseeing a student employee

-Curriculum development

-Development of relationships with area high schools and four-year institutions

-Serving on committees as needed

-Acting as a college-wide liaison for questions regarding music courses and programs

August 2002- July 2019                                 

Harold Washington College, Humanities & Music Department   


Department Chair, August 2014-June 2017

Music Program Coordinator, August 2003-August 2014

Academic Online Coordinator, January 2015-July 2019


Professor, June 2015-July 2019

Associate Professor, August 2010-July 2019

Assistant Professor, August 2006-August 2010

Instructor, August 2003-August 2006

Adjunct Instructor, August 2002-August 2003


Classes taught:

-Fundamentals of Music Theory

-Jazz Improvisation I & II

-Jazz/Pop Ensemble

-Aural & Keyboard Skills I-IV

-Music Appreciation

-Jazz History

-Popular Music History

-Private Lessons

-Popular Culture (Humanities)


Other duties performed:

-Development of semester schedules

-Assignment of courses to faculty

-Management of the department's budget

-Curriculum development

-Hiring and mentoring of full-time and adjunct faculty

-Serving on committees as needed

-Continual development of the department's goals and objectives

-Coordination of post-tenure evaluation at the department level

-Making recommendations for student complaints

-Mediating and resolving faculty conflicts

-Co-coordination of projects with faculty and administration to the college's and department's benefit

-Student advising for registration and graduation

-Organizing and conducting department meetings

-Classroom and syllabi evaluations of instructors

-Coordination of all private lesson students with their instructors and oversight of jury examinations

-Development of relationships with area high schools and four-year institutions

-Working with area organizations to coordinate various activities to benefit student’s academic and musical experiences

-Acting as a college-wide liaison for questions regarding music courses and programs

-Coordination of promotional materials, including ensemble recordings



October 2018-Present


The College Music Society, Missoula, MT


Member, CMS Fund Board


Currently serving as a member of the board for the CMS Fund, which approves grants and fundraises for the College Music Society.

March 2017-October 2018             


The College Music Society, Missoula, MT


Performance Committee Chair, 2018 CMS National Conference


Currently working as a member of the Program Committee to plan the 2018 CMS National Conference in Vancouver, B.C. Duties have included assembling the Performance Committee and editing the call for proposals. An intensive review of submitted proposals, which will result in the creation of the performance schedule for the conference, is upcoming. During the conference I will also be responsible for introducing select performances and addressing any issues that may arise.

March 2012-October 2016                                  


The College Music Society, Missoula, MT- College Music Symposium


Editor, “CMS Forums”


Developed the “CMS Forums” component of the College Music Society’s College Music Symposium publication as well as its asynchronous discussion component, “CMS Forums Monthly Discussion.” Duties include recruiting and reviewing submissions as well as creating, maintaining, and working with the component’s editorial board. 



August 2002-June 2003                


New Trier High School, Northbrook, IL- New Trier Jazz Program




Co-directed the freshman jazz ensemble, taught the freshman jazz improvisation class, and assisted with the  planning and execution of the 2003 New Trier Jazz Festival.



September 2002-August 2003    


Self-Employed, Chicago, IL   


Freelance Private Instructor


Taught private saxophone and clarinet lessons for three public schools located in the suburbs of Chicago.



June 2002-July 2002                      


Northwestern University, Evanston, IL- National High School Music Institute




Taught jazz improvisation, coached individual practicing, and helped with administrative tasks for Northwestern University’s high school summer music program.



January 2000-August 2002          


John G. Shedd Institute for the Arts, Eugene, OR

Festival Jazz Orchestra Manager

Manager, Emerald City Jazz Kings


Duties included hiring and contracting musicians, coordinating and distributing music, and scheduling rehearsals. Performances took place throughout the year during the Emerald City Jazz Kings concert seasons and the organization’s annual two-week music festival. In addition, the Emerald City Jazz Kings performed throughout the state for which I also acted as their road manager.



January 1999-August 2002        


John G. Shedd Institute for the Arts, Eugene, OR- American Music Institute


Instructor, January 1999-August 2002

Assistant Director, The Jazz Academy, September 2000-August 2001

Program Coordinator, June 1999-August 2001


-Responsible for teaching courses in music theory, jazz improvisation, jazz repertoire, beginning saxophone, jazz ensemble, and Latin/Jazz Fusion ensemble in addition to private lessons.                                                          

-Conducted clinics at area schools on such topics as the life and music of Sidney Bechet, expressing oneself through music, and being a professional musician.

-Contracted faculty, developed curriculum, created a day-to-day schedule, coordinated student performances, scheduled rooms, and recruited for The Jazz Academy, a two-week summer camp.

-Administered finances, contracted faculty, developed curriculum, managed equipment, took care of daily needs, and recruited for an afterschool music program.




As an author:

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As a reviewer:

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Performance Experience

Performed with the following nationally and internationally recognized artists


Ignacio Berroa

Howard Levy

Dick Hyman

Ken Peplowski

Byron Stripling

Frank Wess

Bill Watrous

Bucky Pizzarelli

Scott Robinson

Randy Sandke

Derek Smith

Johnny Frigo

Marvin Stamm

Frank Capp

Peter Appleyard

Al Caiola


Popular Music

Eric Lindell

Willie Torres (Grammy Award winner)

Angel Melendez and The 911 Mambo Orchestra (Grammy Award nominated)

Sam Winch

Ron Haynes


Venues and Festivals


Chicago, Illinois

The Chicago Jazz Festival

The Chicago Blues Festival

The House of Blues

The Old Town School of Folk Music


The Taste of Chicago

The Chicago Cultural Center

Navy Pier

Fitzgerald’s Nightclub

The Art Institute of Chicago

The Green Mill

Green Dolphin Street



Milwaukee, WI

Jazz in the Park

WMSE’s Backyard BBQ


Portland, Oregon

The Waterfront Blues Festival


Eugene, Oregon

The Hult Center for the Performing Arts

Cuthbert Amphitheater

The John G. Shedd Institute for the Arts

The Eugene Celebration


Hilo, Hawaii

Palace Theater


Richmond, Virginia

The Modlin Center for the Performing Arts at the University of Richmond





Lindell, Eric. Matters of the Heart. Red Parlor Records, 2016.

Lindell, Eric. Live in S.P.A.C.E.. Sparco, 2014.

Spare Parts. Spare Parts. Ropeadope Records, 2014.

Musical Magic. Just As You Are. 2008.

Soulio. Soulio. 2007.

Winch, Sam. The Lullabadeer. Down Pony Records, 2005.

5.1 Music, Inc. Funk Horns, Volume 1. 2005.

B.S. Brassband. Two for the Show. 2005.

Haynes, Ron. Can You Hear Me?. Prosper Records, 2004.

Latarski, Don. Eden Hall Sessions. Crescent Records, 2000.

Latarski, Don. Eugene Blues. Vipertoons Productions, 2000.

Latarski, Don. Natural Instincts. Crescent Records, 1999.

Emerald City Jazz Kings. Puttin’ On The Ritz. American Notes, 2001.

Emerald City Jazz Kings. The New Yorkers. American Notes, 2001.

Emerald City Jazz Kings. Bixology. American Notes, 2001.  



Master Classes


“Tips for Jazz Improvisation and Effective Practicing.” Georgia Regents University, January 9, 2015.

“Learning Tunes, Building a Jazz Vocabulary, and Using the Augmented Scale.” University of South Florida, October 22, 2015.



Awards, Recognition & Memberships


Jazz Education Network member

Jazz Institute of Chicago member

College Music Society member

Northwestern University Merit Scholarship recipient

The William M. Spencer Award Fund recipient

University of Puget Sound Scholarship for Jazz and Classical Performance recipient

Sonny King Scholarship for Excellence in Jazz and Classical Performance recipient




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